You liked PianoPhone7? You’ll love Piano8 for your Windows8 device. This app is our second music app dedicated to the new touchscreen devices (or not). You can play with your fingers, your mouse or your keyboard. Download and try it now to become the 21st century mozart! See you soon …

For downloading Piano8 for Windows8.1, clic here :

Download BubbleBreaker


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Our first Windows 8 application : Xylophone8 , the beginning of a long series!!! Stay tuned on Facebook…

You can discover Xylophone8 here : http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-ie/app/xylophone8/4f5abb6d-e12c-471f-a751-79f5e831ebbd

You enjoyed summer olympic games? You’ll love Metrolympic Games…

… even if it’s not really a sport ;-)

Metrolympic Games is a worldwide competition with 12 casual games based on metro (RIP) style. You must collect a maximum of medals and make the highest score to be the world champion. In this first version, you can play with this games :

** Bubble Buster **
** Samuel Says **
** Balls and Holes **
** Tap’n Roll **
** Math Operations **
** Q Block **
** Sliding Puzzle **
** Snaky **
** Bouncing Ball **
** Columnia **
** Lost in Space **
** Master of Mind  **

Comming soon : Lots of new games!!! Stay connected on facebook

You can download it here :

Some captures :